Brands, Valued

Your brand represents the essence of your company, the DNA of what you do, the tock that makes you tick. So it’s important that it is treated with the respect something so valuable deserves.

Whether we’re designing a simple logo, a full visual identity, or an extensive brand strategy, our approach is the same: we do our research. We get to know you, your offer, and your audience, and then distil all of this knowledge into shaping your brand.


Pixel Perfect Digital

We don’t just connect to the web from a desk anymore: we live technology.

At UKC, whatever we build is made with you, and your audience, in mind. We craft digital solutions that do just what you need them to.

Whether you need a tablet app, a fully responsive website, a social media game, or a great piece of animation; we’ll make each and every pixel work for you.


Design for Print

In this digital world we live in, print isn’t dead; it just needs a little love.

Done right, print can grab your attention and deliver a message in a way that other media can’t match. You can feel it, touch it, share it, treasure it. Done wrong, it’s just ink on paper.

Posters, postcards, brochures and business cards; no matter what you need it’ll leap off the page with UKC Company.


Working With Space

Good design can make a difference, wherever you find it.

Good design can help us to navigate our way through public spaces. Good design can transform a brand into a retail experience. And, sometimes, good design can force a smile upon the most miserable of days.

UKC Company have built retail spaces, shaped wayfinding systems, and placed art into the public realm. Wherever you’d like to see design make a difference, we can help. So let’s talk.


Marketing & Communication

What are words worth? A lot, if you choose the right ones.

We provide PR support, copywriting, content marketing, events and social media engagement, too. However you want to get your message across, we’re across it.


Marketing to China

Taking brands to China sounds scary; it’s not. It’s actually quite fun.

UKC Company advises clients on how to attract Chinese consumers, developing perfectly tailored strategies for market entry. And we do all of this whilst making sure the guanxi is respected.

Combining research and insight UKC Company will hone a truly compelling brand proposition. Then, we’ll navigate China’s digital landscape and get that brand in front of your audience. With more of a roar than a whisper.